Ongoing Groups, Workshops and Retreats

These events are only open to people who have already worked with us in some depth.
If you are new to our work, please take a look at the events listed in the :-  Introductory Programme



   17 - 19 : Introduction to Movement of Being with Colin
   29 - 1 Feb : Personal Retreat with Colin

   14 - 17 : Demise of the Judge  - Open Residential Workshop with Fanny
   15 - 22 : Nowhere To Go  - Retreat with Colin

   22 - 27 : The Dance of Intimate Relationship - Retreat for Couples with Fanny & Colin


Bookings and Enquiries

Please let Caroline know as soon as possible if you would like to apply, or even if you may be interested in any of these events - Bookings & Enquiries