Ongoing Groups, Workshops and Retreats

We are currently reviewing our programme of events given the escalating covid-19 situation. All workshops and retreats until the summer are now cancelled. Please see our new webpage

Online Sessions

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These events are only open to people who have already worked with us in some depth.
If you are new to our work, please take a look at the events listed in the :-  Introductory Programme


   25 - 31 : Intimate Relationship: Rupture & Repair - Retreat for Couples with Fanny & Colin

   30 - 4 Oct: Community of Awakening - next cycle of ongoing group begins - with Fanny & Colin

   11 - 15 : Continuing Journey of Awakening - ongoing group begins - with Fanny & Colin
   23 - 29 : Passion For Change - Retreat with Colin



   20 - 27 : Nowhere To Go  - Retreat with Colin

Bookings and Enquiries

Please let Caroline know as soon as possible if you would like to apply, or even if you may be interested in any of these events - Bookings & Enquiries