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Updated:  Friday 7th August

We invite you to check this section regularly for new possibilities

We will be updating this website and sending out an email with out autumn programme on or shortly after Monday 17th August - events will restart from 4th September.

Caroline, our administrator, will be available for your inquiries throughout our holiday period. You can contact her via email:


Online Retreats

 Staying True in a World Gone Crazy with Fanny from 16th - 20th September

Come Home - It's Worth It! with Fanny from 30th September to 4th October

1-1 Sessions

1-1 sessions with Colin or Fanny by phone/zoom. Note - these are usually only available to people who have worked with us in some depth.


Free Groups

These groups are open to anyone who has worked with us. There is no charge, and they may have up to 24 people, sometimes from many different countries.


Online Closed Groups 

Mini-ongoing groups over 4 - 6 weeks, a chance to be in a small group of max 8 people exploring embodied Presence together.


New to This Work

Taster Sessions and online Introductory courses for newcomers to Movement of Being


A few words about our payment policy.

We want this work to be as available as possible for those who are hungry for what we are offering, regardless of financial circumstances.
And we want the work we do to be valued, and to support us to live in a way which allows us to thrive in offering what we are offering.

In order to balance these things, we offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of payment.
We are aware that whilst £10 can be a big amount of the weekly budget for some, £100 can be spent without being missed much by others.
We have a bursary fund* for those who cannot afford even the lowest end of the range, and we ask those who can afford to pay more, and who value the work enough to want to pay more, to do so.  To give a general guideline for those who are somewhere in the middle, we have a suggested donation: so if the range is £10-40, the suggested would be £25.

Over the years we have found that this policy works out with enough people who can afford to be lavish balancing the people who can pay the minimum or less.

Please feel into your heart each time you work with us, and feel for what is the right amount for you to give each time based on your circumstances and how much you value the work as well as your psychological tendencies.  (For example, some people who are driven by guilt and shame may offer more than they can realistically afford (and might do well to ease up on themselves and pay more what is within their means; and others who tend towards a sense of entitlement or fearfulness/tightness around resources even when they have enough, might do well to be more generous and trust the flow of energy in paying more).

*The Bursary fund is contributed to by a few people, who have had the means, the generosity and the love of this work to want to support others who are less financially able.

Daily Sitting / Movement Practice

We’ll be sitting and moving most mornings from 8am (20 minutes to sit; 20 minutes to move). You are warmly invited to join us from wherever you happen to be. If you have time for one or both of the 20-minute slots, great. If not, feel free to pause, take a breath and simply tune in to the silence for even half a minute if that’s all you can manage. Similarly for the movement - whether you’re walking, stretching, exercising or simply breathing during our movement slot, our invitation is to simply bring Awareness to the body and know that you’re part of the session. We’ll be moving together wherever you may be.

Fanny's Blog

If you're interested to read Fanny's blog – follow this link

Guided meditations -

Here are a few offerings from us:-





 Stay Connected with us

If you want to stay connected to this Movement of Being work through this time of global upheaval and transformation, please check this webpage regularly for updates.

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