Bowing Down to What is True

[Submitting to Reality]

A Short Online Retreat with Fanny


Date: fully booked 

How do we open to the truth of what is happening
Inside of our own body, hearts and minds - and in the world;
When it is not what we want,
Or not what we believe should be happening?
How do we end the perpetual Argument with God,
And surrender our need to know what is right,
And bow down to reality?
This is (relatively) easy when life is good,
and the future looks rosy
and our loved ones are happy and well.
But how can we support ourselves to open
To what is greater than our minds can fathom,
To lay down our heads, and open our hearts
And find our way home,
When life is difficult, scary and painful?

I have no easy answers here, but this retreat is an opportunity to hold the questions with love, openness and curiosity; to enquire into the mystery, and find what doors are ready to open as we gradually awaken to our true nature and meet the world as it is, both inside and out, at this extraordinary moment in history.

Maximum Participants - 10

This retreat is open to those with some experience of our work. If you're in doubt, please check with Fanny before signing up (


9th - 12th July 2020

Thurs 9th    14.30 - 16.30
Fri 10th       09.30 - 11.30    and   14.30 - 16.30
Sat 11th       09.30 - 11.30    and   14.30 - 16.30
Sun 12th      10.00 - 12.00  


Suggested Donation £100   (or sliding scale from £75 - £150).

We are also offering a special concession rate of £50 for those whose incomes have been seriously impacted by the lockdown.

Please note that the way our new scheduling system works is that you will be  automatically charged this £50 concession rate; the system then gives you the option to increase this by ticking an 'add-on' to the level you'd like to pay.


If you have any difficulty signing up online,
please book sessions through Caroline (