Ongoing Groups

Please Note that we are not planning to offer any of our usual ongoing groups during 2020/21 due to COVID-19

We have been running such groups since 2003, and they continue to be the mainstay of our work. Being with a committed group over time creates a loving setting in which profound realizations and openings can happen - a glimpse of what is possible for each of us, and a context in which those realizations can be integrated into our day to day lives.

Most Ongoing Groups are for people with a depth of group experience with us, and who now wish to explore particular aspects in more depth over one or more years.

For people who want to explore being in an ongoing group for the first time (we ask that you have already done several Workshops and Retreats before taking this step. there are two possibilities:-

1) From time to time, we offer a first year Ongoing Group, ‘Welcome to This’. This is an introduction to the ongoing group process, usually with others who are also relatively new to our work.

2) Joining The Continuing Journey of Awakening ongoing group. This group is intended to run year after year, always addressing the core of this work - ie the ground of Awakening itself. We imagine that people will join this group for anything between one and three years - so it will have a slowly changing membership as years go by. And we imagine many variations - eg you could do a year, then leave to explore something else, then come back for a couple of years, etc. This is intended to offer the possibility of a longer term ongoing group, which many people have asked for, without the necessity to commit a long way into the future. This group is intended primarily for those who already have a good grounding in this Movement of Being work, but occasionally, if we feel someone with less experience is ready for such a step, we would accept them onto this group.

Please Note

Some of these groups are already planned for future dates; others are ones we have run in the past, and will offer again at some stage, but we haven't specified a time as yet. If you have a particular interest in one of these unspecified groups, please let us know; this will influence our decisions about which Groups to offer in future.


Please let Caroline know as soon as possible if you are would like to apply, or even if you may be interested. Click here to contact her:- Bookings & Enquiries

There is an application process. When the deadline date arrives we will contact you to confirm that you definitely want to apply for the Groupt. At this stage we take a look at who's applied and consider a whole series of factors - how many applicants; gender balance; level of experience in this work; maturity; capacity to function and take responsibility in a group situation; the bigger picture (ie trying to avoid the situation where some people are being served while others aren’t; hunches and gut-feelings..... In all of this attempting to be not only pragmatic and realistic, but also to allow enough space for magic and mystery to work!