Intimate Relationship – Tending the Field

To be part of an intimate relationship is to be part of something bigger than yourself. The potential of this is enormous – but we do need to learn that the relationship is a living thing which needs to be tended, listened to and nurtured.

To presume that any couple should already know how to do this dance is simply naïve. Nothing can prepare us for it! In fact, the only place in which we can learn how to make true intimacy work is from within a relationship. The work requires that we come closer to ourselves - it’s a simple rule of thumb that the deeper and more open each partner is, the more potential the field of the relationship becomes.

We will need to meet the difficulties that can and will arise, and take responsibility for our end of it. In this we start to explore and discover what actually works for us, expressing needs and drawing boundaries and relinquishing our desire to blame, punish and withhold our love and our sex. We learn the capacity to say both a wholehearted yes and a determined no as needed, gradually developing the art of nourishing relationship so that love can thrive. It may be the most difficult thing we’ve ever done – it may also be the most fulfilling.

This retreat explore the many ways this can play out, opening a deeper understanding of how these reactive cycles function, both in ourselves as individuals, and between us as partners in a relational system.

Dates have not yet been set for this retreat