Covid-19 Policy

from April 2021

(for retreats which may be able to go ahead once lockdown eases)

In considering doing a residential retreat (support group) here at Droridge Barn during these uncertain times, the first thing you need to know is that we won’t make a final decision to go ahead with any retreat until 2 weeks beforehand. And even then we may need to cancel at any point after that, including during the retreat itself, if changing regulations demand it, or if participants suddenly develop Covid. We all need to be willing to be flexible.

Once we do decide to go ahead, we will want to make it as safe as possible, and so will require participants to take two Covid tests (which we supply); one 5 days before the retreat, and one just before it begins.  Assuming the first test is negative, we will ask you to be vigilant about your exposure to others in those 5 days.  If both tests are negative and you have adhered to strict social distancing in the meanwhile, this will make the retreat reasonably ‘Covid safe’.

The only exception to this is if you have been vaccinated against Covid 19. If you had a vaccination at least 3 weeks prior to the retreat starting we will only ask you to take a test on the day the retreat starts. If you have had both doses, nothing more will be asked of you.

There will need to be a lot of trust involved and a lot of respect for difference (eg. some people may choose to wear a mask and have their own plate & mug; others may be less concerned). Each one of us will need to relate with the situation.

And although it is small, there is of course some element of risk involved. In our assessment, the risk is worth taking for the value of these retreats. The opportunity to be in the room in good company, exploring a depth of Presence, Love and Truth is, increasingly, rare and precious. It's not something we can take for granted, and, in our opinion, it's worth extending ourselves for.

The test we have (which we can send out to you or you can pick up if you are local) are lateral flow. They cost between £5 and £10 each and we will ask those who can afford it to add the cost to their donation if the retreat happens ok. We’re willing to cover the costs of this for anyone who can’t afford it.

Please listen to what feels right for you.  If you decide to come, and what is being asked is more cautious than you feel is reasonable, we hope you can comply with an open heart in the spirit of relating to a bigger field, and a willingness to not know what is true!  Otherwise, if you don’t agree with the restrictions, there will be a tendency to undermine, sabotage, resent, fight or even lie, which will compromise our retreat before we have even begun.  This time seems to be so much about how we relate with limits from an adult place as well as daring to trust our own deeper instincts from a heartful place.  And trusting Being.  Not getting caught in old habits of fear and closure to what might be possible.  To keep dropping fixed positions and stay in an open enquiry about it all.