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A Six Day Retreat for the 'Being Revealed' Community

for which we have not yet announced the Theme

We often prefer not to decide on a theme for particular retreats too far in advance. This allows us to be very responsive to what we feel is needed in our community, or what we sense may be unfolding in the world.

Although the precise content of the retreat is not clear yet, we can tell you that the retreat will be exploring the process of coming home to ourselves; both as spiritual beings and as very human beings. It will be about becoming ALL of who we are, both as limitless awareness and limited, vulnerable and very mortal people; both as Love itself, and as the often neurotic, confused and wounded individuals that we can also be!

As the dates, structure and costs  are already clear, you may go ahead and apply for a place on any of the listed dates if you wish.                          Please contact Caroline ( to apply.

 Residential Retreats

Fully Residential Retreat usually at Droridge Barn with Colin or Fanny

See Being Revealed Retreats

Fixed Payment : £300
Suggested Donation £300    (or something between £180 and £420)

To Apply for Residential Retreat - please contact Caroline (