5-day Residential Retreat

Open to the Being Revealed Community

We receive money for our work in two different ways - a Fixed Payment to cover costs and a Donation in exchange for our teaching and guidance. Usually, we receive the Fixed Payment in advance and the donation at the end of the retreat.

Fixed Payment

Due to Coronavirus, all residential retreats are precarious. We will review the situation two weeks before each retreat, and only decide about whether or not to go ahead then. This presumes it is possible, given the unfolding situation with the COVID pandemic… we will be closely following the situation and confirming each residential retreat 2 weeks prior to the planned start time: if the retreat is cancelled,  it will be replaced by an online version; we do not presume everyone will want to do this as an alternative, and a full refund of the deposit will be given if not.

At this point, we will ask you to pay a deposit of £50 to secure your place. When we decided to go ahead, we will send the link to the Fixed Payment reminder.

The Fixed Payment for this retreat is £50 a day. This Payment covers a portion of what it costs us to stay in business. The amount is averaged out over a year and covers all our admin costs including wages for our administrator, website, broadband, hardware and software, data protection, phone, accountant, office space, etc. For residential events, it also covers food and venue hire.


For all our groups, retreats, and workshops, once paid, the deposit or fixed amount is non-refundable except on compassionate grounds or if the cancellation is Covid related (in which case we will refund it or transfer it to another group, less a £10 admin charge).

Bursaries, Concessions and Last-Minute Reductions

Please contact Caroline (beingmovedteam@gmail.com) to apply for a bursary, or to discuss Payment Plans and last-minute concession places.


You are about to sign up for a residential retreat here at Droridge Barn. Before proceeding it is important for you to know that we will not be able to maintain any comprehensive social distancing here. (We will be sharing rooms, food & bathrooms; the group room is quite small, etc – it’s just not realistic that we can make it completely safe). The simple fact is that we will form part of a temporary ‘bubble’ for the duration of the retreat. There will need to be a lot of trust involved and a lot of respect for difference (eg. some people may not want to hug or be physically close, or choose to wear a mask and have their own plate & mug; others may be less concerned and want to have lots of hugs). But each one of us will need to relate with the situation.

However this unfolds in reality, the bottom line is that there is some risk involved. And, in our assessment, the risk is worth taking for the value of these retreats. The opportunity to be in the room in good company, body-to-body with others exploring a depth of Presence, Love and Truth is, increasingly, rare and precious. It's not something we can take for granted, and, in our opinion, it's worth extending ourselves for.

So, for as long as this Covid-19 pandemic continues, here’s what we require from you if you wish to participate in a residential retreat with us:-
 * that you agree to take full self-responsibility for any health consequences that may result from attending the retreat
 * that you also commit to inform us immediately if you have any symptoms, or reason to believe you might be contagious, both in the two weeks prior to the retreat and during the event
 * for 10 days before the retreat you commit to do as much as you can to reduce your contact and exposure to at least the following levels:-
     - either strictly follow Govt.Guidleines, or at least be respectful of them – even if you trust your own judgement more than the rules
     - do everything you can to avoid others who may have been more casual than you, or may themselves have been in high risk situations
     - in all public situations, be scrupulous about masks, hand washing etc

When you click the link below, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to this. You will also be asked to sign our usual agreement (giving us relevant information about medical conditions, serious allergies, and medications). Finally we will ask for contact details of a next-of-kin in the unlikely event of illness or accident during your time with us.

This process is something new we are exploring – we welcome feedback as we adapt our booking system to the new situation.

After you Click the Booking Link, you will need to set a time zone.
A calendar will then drop down.
Roll it down to the right month, and click on the day the retreat begins -
- That will take you through to the booking process.

 Click below to secure your place by paying a deposit.