Intimate Relationship – Rupture & Repair

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26 - 31 August 2020


We receive money for our work in two different ways - a Fixed Payment to cover costs, and a Donation in exchange for our teaching and guidance. Usually we receive the Fixed Payment in advance and the donation at the end of the retreat, but it is possible to pay both now if you prefer. Please follow the links below.


Fixed Payment

The Fixed Payment for this retreat is £50 – please pay this now to secure your place.

Our usual policy is that, once paid, this amount is non-refundable unless we can get someone else to fill the place, in which case we will refund you or transfer it to another group, less a £10 admin charge.

However, during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will refund your payment in full in the event of a COVID related cancellation or withdrawal.

This Fixed Payment is a portion of what it costs us to stay in business. The amount is averaged out over a year and covers all our admin costs including wages for our administrator, website, broadband, hardware and software, data protection, phone, accountant, office space, etc. For residential events, it also covers food and venue hire.

Bursaries, Concessions and Last-Minute Reductions

Please contact Caroline ( to apply for a bursary, or to discuss Payment Plans and last-minute concession places. If you want to apply for a bursary, please go ahead and pay this fixed payment now - the bursary can either be refunded to you or used as part of your donation.

Please note that when you sign up you will be asked to sign our agreement, and to give us relevant information about medical conditions, serious allergies, and any medication you may be taking.




In addition to the Fixed Payment, we ask for a Donation. This is between you and Fanny & Colin as an exchange for the guidance and teaching that we offer. The Suggested Donation for this retreat is £180, or something in the range £125 - £240. It’s usually given at the end of the event, but some people prefer to pay it upfront. If you wish to give your Donation now, please follow the link below. If you’d prefer to pay it later, we will send you another link on the final day of the retreat.

This approach asks more of you as a participant – to reflect on what the experience means to you and then offer a donation appropriate to your financial reality. (So, for one person, it might be a real stretch to afford the minimum donation; for another, it may be quite comfortable to give the higher amount.)

Doing it this way is a risk on our part, an act of trust, and it comes from the heart! It’s a way that we can uphold the value of what we offer, while also making it available to people whose life circumstances mean that they don’t have much money; it challenges presumptions about financial wealth, particularly the notion that high-quality work should always be very expensive.                

Please contact Caroline ( ) to discuss any of the above.