Waking up - Being Moved, Being Danced...

With Fanny

Next Workshop : none planned at present

A new workshop which serves as an Introduction to the fundamentals of Movement of Being,  with music.  

Here Fanny brings together her work as a 5 Rhythms teacher with her deep presence work, exploring embodiment, and what it means to truly come home to ourselves, right now, in this moment, whatever arises.

We are increasingly needing the ground of presence as our foundation, as we face the challenges of our times;  to connect mind, body and hearts.  And to find ourselves as  intimately connected to, and yet distinct within, the field in which we are living.

This is a possibility to explore, practice and experience what it is to meet ourselves and each other from a more embodied ground of being.

We will dance, move without music, sit in silence, dialogue in pairs and there will be one to one spoken guidance.





None Planned