Come Close In

A Retreat for the 'Exploring Being' Community

This retreat is an opportunity to come close in to yourself.
What does that mean?

To slow down, to listen, to finally taste what it might be to become your own dearest companion.  To finally soften that hard-wired tendency to push past your limits, to give up on yourself, to give yourself a hard time, to try and figure out how to improve yourself, to lose yourself in addictions, or just be too busy to notice.

This one, has been waiting.  Quietly, patiently, waiting for you to come home.  To open the door and to greet yourself as the one you have been longing for with your whole heart;  whilst all the while, you thought you were looking for someone or something else.

You will be supported, guided, and accompanied to come closer and closer into yourself.  And to taste the intimate, real satisfaction of being here and now, as you are, when you stop seeking something other.  With others who are doing the same.

The closer in each of us is, the richer, deeper and more alive every encounter with anyone or anything else becomes.

This is the beginning and the end of the journey, in every moment - to come close in.

This Retreat is offered in both a Residential and an online version.


Online Retreat

Group will meet on Zoom with Colin
7 - 9pm                                   Wednesday 4th November
9.30 - 11.30am and 3 - 5pm     Thursday 5th November
9.30 - 11.30am and 3 - 5pm     Friday 6th November
9.30 - 11.30am and 3 - 5pm     Saturday 7th November
10am - 12 pm                          Sunday 8th November

Fixed Payment : £50
Suggested Donation £120    (or something between £80 and £160)

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Residential Retreat

Fully Residential Retreat at Droridge Barn with Fanny

From 6pm Wednesday 11th November  -  5pm Sunday 15th November

Fixed Payment: £200
Suggested Donation £200    (or something between £120 and £280)

THIS RESIDENTIAL RETREAT IS FULLY BOOKED - there are still spaces on the online version