'Being Revealed' Community

Retreats & Online Closed Groups


Between autumn 2020 and spring 2021 we will offer a range of both residential and online retreats to those who have worked deeply with us over many years, and are in a process of 'Being Revealed'  (to themselves...) through the work we offer – a kind of natural community of people with a shared interest in what is profoundly true, and a deep commitment to this way of working.

These retreats are either online or residential events over four days or longer, in which we explore an aspect of life in considerable depth, from the perspective of Embodied Consciousness. Working over several days like this enables us to enquire deeply as we explore the particular theme of each retreat

You’re welcome to join any combination of online and residential events – if you feel ready to dive more deeply, you may book a series; and it’s also fine to do just one or two events.

Our vision is that it will be supportive for people within this particular circulation to work together repeatedly in these different formats  -  a way to support a growing sense of community so that people can increasingly get to know one another more deeply.


Online Closed Groups

For those who want a more regular chance to work together, we’ll also offer you the possibility to join an online  ‘mini-ongoing-group’, in which the same people will meet regularly over several weeks.

Online Groups


Free Sessions

You are also welcome to sign up for free online Sessions(these are open to all):- Free Sessions