Women's Retreat

A Celebration of the Deep Feminine

with Fanny  & Joanna Watters


Next Retreat : (To Be Confirmed)
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An opportunity to celebrate and explore how it is to be a woman on this journey of embodied awakening.

We are inundated with distorted messages of how we should look and how we should feel, what we should eat and how we should love and who we should be sexually.

But who and how are we really? How do LIFE and LOVE shine through us? How do our vital sexual natures want to dance, and make love and experience the extraordinary pleasure of being alive?   How do we actually relate to the food we eat?  Or the bodies we live in?  Or the emotions which move through us?  Or the wisdom of our hearts, minds and wombs?

And if any of this is not straightforward, natural and wonderful, what is blocking us? What is holding us back? How are we pushing ourselves or making ourselves wrong?

In the company of other women coming home to our true natures, as divinely human beings.

This retreat is open to anyone who has done at least one workshop with Fanny or Joanna.


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