Giving your Gift

with Fanny


Next Group Starts : none planned at present

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I once read somewhere that when any one of us truly steps forward to give the unique gift that  he or she is here to offer, the whole Earth breathes a sigh of relief.
Each of us has boundless gifts to offer.  First and foremost by relaxing into who we are, as we are.  And then by stepping forward and daring to give back to the world.  We are in the privilidged position of living in a country which is not at war, and most of us have enough to eat and a roof over our heads.  And we are in the even more priviledged place of beginning to realise who we are and awaken to our true natures.
From here an urgency can arise, to fulfill our destinies in the world.  But what is my gift and what is the channel I can offer that through, and what is the context for me to do it most effectively in?
This group is here to support you to find out.
And to give feedback as you practice ways to come forward.
It is an encouragement to dare to believe that who you are, and what you have to give, is welcome and even wanted by the world.
It is a call to stop holding back your love and your energy.
It is an invocation to live beyond your self-limiting beliefs and obsessions, and serve something bigger than yourself.
It is a play, an exploration, a creative adventure; a challenge to boldly and tenderly step out of your comfort zones and into the unknown...
Please Note:- This group is not for beginners. The usual  pre-requisite is at least one stand alone or ongoing group on this theme..