Hello, Are You Here?

with Fanny

Next Workshop: None Planned

This is an invitation into a landscape of profound and simple awakening to the reality of what is. What is it to fully be here, in this moment, in your body, in your emotional and mental condition, at this time of your life, and in the history of the planet? What does it mean to face reality and open to it and live into the potential of what you are actually here for at this time? As the world hurtles into increasing levels of madness, numbness, denial and despair, how can each of us wake up to meet what is here, fresh, alive, touched and empowered to come forward?

Working with dance, movement, self-enquiry, and an attitude of curiosity towards all that we meet, this weekend workshop will provide an introduction to the Movement of Being work, as well as a deepening for those already involved.