Integrating Personal History

with Colin & Fanny                  

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By this stage of the journey there is, in each of us, a dawning realisation that we are not who we thought we were. That all our ideas about ourselves are just that – ideas. And that none of these ideas can possibly define who we are in the deepest sense. 

We have also to some degree glimpsed what it is to be awake and alive, to really land in ourselves, to live and express through the body. We’ve probably tasted the peace that comes from living deeper than our desire to feel good. We may have experienced what it’s like to open into truth, rather than apologising, defending, justifying and avoiding. We’ve learned to touch and be touched by ourselves, by other people, by nature, by life itself - to give and receive love.

The question now is this, why don’t we live this truth always? Why do we stop loving? Why do we turn away from aliveness into those familiar patterns? Why do we abandon ourselves?

Mostly the reasons can be traced back to our early years, when our experience of being unsupported or unloved was just too raw or too threatening -  so we adapted. We created an identity as the person we thought would get loved or accepted. The problem is that this identity is now so familiar, that doing without it is unthinkable. In fact, in most cases, we have come to believe that the adaptation, the assumed identity, is actually who we are.

This year-long group is a chance to get curious about all this in general and in your particular case. We’ll get personal, looking deeply at the difficulties (and the potential!) in your awakening process. Over 3 group meetings (18 days of group time) we’ll explore your personal history. We will look at the personal aspect of your existence, and what it is to be the unique human individual that you are; your body and psychology, your unique story, and your family history. You will also have the opportunity to tell your life story. And, as a group, we’ll be looking at early life adaptations, beliefs and assumptions; at the ways in which we have internalised outside influences and how these forces may still be shaping and limiting us in our lives now.

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