'Live' Retreats

We are committed to continuing with ‘Live’ face-to-face retreats (fully residential, and from 3 to 7 days in length) during this time. There is no substitute for what happens when we are actually bodily in the room together, and we are loathe to go along with an increasing culture of fear and isolation, which can become harder and harder to break out of the more we keep ourselves separate.  The unhealthy effects from becoming estranged from one another (.. and no longer being able to share food, have physical contact or inhabit spaces together) may well be greater than the risks of the virus!

Most of these retreats will happen at Droridge Barn and it's important that you know that there is no way we will be able to maintain any comprehensive social distancing in a retreat here. We will be sharing rooms, food & bathrooms; the group room is quite small, etc – it’s not realistic to keep 1m apart at all times, nor to repeatedly disinfect every surface. So, although we can try to maintain higher than usual standards of cleanliness, and respect each individual’s preferences about how much close contact they feel confident with, the bottom line is that there is inevitably some element of risk involved.

The simple fact is that everyone involved (including Fanny and Colin) will form part of a temporary ‘bubble’ for the duration of the retreat. There will need to be a lot of trust involved and a lot of respect for difference (eg. some people may not want to hug or get physically close, and/or may want to wear a mask and have their own cutlery and plate/bowl, while others may be less concerned at that level and want to hug or have close contact - and anything in between. 

If you decide to participate in a ‘Live’ retreat we will require that you limit your exposure for 10 days beforehand, and commit to inform us if you think you may be contagious.

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