Me, You and the Field of Being

A Retreat for the 'Being Revealed' Community

Most of us have been preparing for huge and unprecedented change for a while.  And if you are like me, you may have been surprised it didn’t come sooner.  But here we are, things are crumbling around us; so much of what we took for granted is no longer a given, and the years ahead are more uncertain than ever.

How do we relate to all of this and hold our ground?

The more things change, the more we need the simple grounding of that which doesn’t change;  as things speed up, we need to keep knowing ourselves as the Timeless.  And we also need to relate to the changes, so that our love of Being is not a way of bypassing what is arising in ourselves, each other, and the World.

This retreat will provide a field in which to explore what it is to:

 Know Myself. 

 To meet You as fully as I am able to.

  To relate with, and attend to, what arises in the human collective.

And to plug into the eternal Field of Consciousness which is forever, always, already now.

 And endlessly sustaining.


Residential Retreat

Fully Residential Retreat at Droridge Barn with Colin


From 5pm Tuesday 13th October - 5pm Sunday 18th October


Fixed Payment  £250
Suggested Donation: £250    (or something between £150 and £350)

This Retreat is now fully booked

To go on the waiting list for Residential Retreat - please contact Caroline (