A Currency of the Heart

with Colin

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Money can be so many things; a simple medium for exchange; a measure of value; a way to express love or appreciation; a tool for transformation and self-fulfilment; a way to give support to that which inspires us.

It’s also an area of life which most of us rarely speak about. In fact the details of our financial circumstances are usually something of a secret, so we can feel very alone with any issues we may have around it (... overspending, hoarding, entitlement, "thinking poor", debt, inability to save or manage our money sensibly – not to mention the guilt and judgements that many of us have around our wealth or lack of it).  

Really, it’s not about the money; it’s about our wants, dreams, relationships, goals, and much more. It’s about our ability to give and to receive, our sense of self-worth and our willingness to relate with limits. And it’s about our beliefs and our prejudices, and the feelings and behaviours attached to them.

This weekend is a chance to explore money in your life beyond the pounds and the pennies, coming to understand more of what money means to you and why you handle it the way you do.




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