Online Retreats

We are now starting to offer short online retreats using Zoom. Here are the upcoming retreats:



Bowing Down to What is True [Submitting to Reality]

A short online retreat with Fanny taking place on 13th - 16th August 2020 (2 spaces available) read more



About Online Retreats

I have been amazed to find - despite my own doubts and reservations - that online retreats can be just as powerful as our usual retreats - in a different way.  You are at home, and the retreat material is being integrated in your daily life in a much more digestible way.  Here are a few  things participants have written to me having done an online retreat in the last few weeks.                                                                                                                           Fanny

Some quotes from people who have done online retreats recently:-

"I began this retreat with a sense of ‘lack’; lack of physical contact, lack of closeness, lack of the group room we normally work in - everything which a retreat has always included but which now couldn’t be there.  I was surprised how fast this sensation was replaced with a very strong sense of connection, the sincerity and depth of the sharing, and the arising of everything which was ready to happen despite any of our mental resistances or tendencies.  The online retreat has brought a great richness in the midst of this time of enforced isolation; an occasion to go beyond separation, and also giving space to the possibility of instantly integrating the work in the sessions with my daily life at home.  I feel deeply grateful and i really enjoyed it."

"I’ve just finished  a five day online seminar with Fanny and our ongoing group here in Italy. I would like  to share my experience of it.
It was remarkable how similar to a residential one.
I’d say 85 or even 95% similar, for depth of feeling and capacity to feel the others.
I was surprised, I wasn’t expecting it.
I guess that ‘presence’ is presence!
Fanny’s deep capacity to accompany us, our individual and collective being present to ourselves and the others in the group, created a strong ‘field’ of practice. As much ‘came up’ as usual. Sure, there wasn’t the more social aspect of cooking and eating together, but I didn’t really notice its absense."

"...about the retreat - firstly I want to say that I am LOVING IT - every bit of it feels rich - the newness of this form, the technical glitches aren't annoying they are interesting, the being alone at home - the strength of the field - and the transmission of the teachings ARE SO STRONG - they are probably always this strong but for some reason I am feeling the power of them in a different way. Maybe because the need for them has increased, like a sense of urgency…."