Safe To Explore

With Colin

Next Retreat: 8 - 12 April 2019
Please Apply: Now

On this retreat I’m inviting you to explore in a simple and intimate way what it is to live in the moment - to approach each moment unknown and allow it to reveal itself – to explore each moment, each relationship, each feeling not as a dry, intellectual questioning, but as a juicy, vibrant, inside out exploration?

This is both a loving process and a creative one. It starts right here, when we are curious, willing not to know and interested to find out. It’s an open-ended, open-minded approach to life, to every experience, and to yourself. It’s an availability to ‘this’....  to ‘this’ which is actually being revealed right now. (Whether this is the way the rain feels against your skin, or an insight into the patterns of your own behaviour; whether this is the arising of love in meeting another or suddenly being touched by how your own fear may be preventing that love).

It’s actually very simple. But it does need a willingness to see, to really listen with your whole being.


Fully Residential at Droridge Barn, Dartington, Devon


 6pmWednesday 8th to 5pm Sunday 12th April 2020


Fixed payment £210
Suggested Donation £200 (or something between a minimum £120 and a generous £300) (to be confirmed)