Staying True in a CrazyWorld

A Retreat for the 'Exploring Being' Community

How do we slow down enough to hear that still, vast, silent place of Being in which all is well, in the midst of the loudness of the news, our own fearful minds, and the effects of those around us with all their opinions, beliefs, fears and certainties?
How do we open to the reality of what happens in our world whilst keeping our hearts open, so that we can be touched both by the beauty and richness of life, and by the pain of it all?  So that our capacity to love can deepen and blossom rather than be dulled by a sense of overwhelm?
What is most important in these chaotic and unpredictable times?
How do we keep coming back to the constant, unwavering support of Presence whatever comes our way?
In this retreat we will explore what brings us Home, what prompts us to leave ourselves, and what supports us to come back; all of this in a way which is sustainable, nourishing and ultimately reassuring.

This Retreat is offered in both a Residential and an online version.

Residential Retreat

Fully Residential Retreat at Droridge Barn with Colin
From 6pm Wednesday 9th - 5pm Sunday 13th September

Fixed Payment : £200
Suggested Donation £200    (or something between £120 and £280


Online Retreat

Group will meet on Zoom with Fanny
7 - 9pm                                   Wednesday 16th September
9.30 - 11.30am and 3 - 5pm     Thursday 17th September
9.30 - 11.30am and 3 - 5pm     Friday 18th September
9.30 - 11.30am and 3 - 5pm     Saturday 19th September
10am - 12 pm                          Sunday 20th September


Fixed Payment: £50
Suggested Donation £120    (or something between £80 and £160)

This Retreat is now fully booked