A five day retreat: 21st-26th April 2020

With Fanny Behrens and Sophy Banks

Retreat Cancelled


A five day retreat for those feeling impacted by the turbulent times we are living in and wanting to develop depth, skill and ground in meeting challenges with compassionate presence

Finding support in body and heart - as well as a growing sense of community and connection - as we look directly at some of the growing challenges we are facing in our world.  Space to feel what happens in our emotions and our minds, and find how to navigate fear, anger, grief, overwhelm and collapse from a ground of presence.  

Old survival patterns rooted in fear and separation tend to be triggered by events we cannot control; through meditation, movement and ceremony we will explore and nourish what resources us, find tools to recognise and harness survival responses so their transformative potential can be unleashed, as we meet the present and face into the future together. 

We will give time to noticing the positive signs of change in our world - of which there are many - and ways to turn towards what inspires and nourishes us.

We will also explore the nature of fundamental human archetypes. We will see how they arise in distorted forms, leading to cultures of domination, burnout, conflict, dissociation and harm, and how to find what these feel like in their healthy potential through embodied enquiry, so that these states can become increasingly familiar and liveable. 

 This is a powerful, simple process grounded in love for life, each other and the Earth.

Fanny Behrens is co-founder of Movement of Being and has been teaching  embodied presence work for 20 years.  About Fanny

Sophy Banks is has been an engineer, radical footballer and therapist. From 2006 she worked at the heart of the Transition movement, creating positive change in local communities. For the next 10 years she helped to integrate inner insights with outer actions within that global movement. She now offers Grief tending workshops, retreats on burnout and health, and mentoring to others working for positive change.

There will be a maximum of 10 participants


Fully residential in Dartington, Devon


21 - 26 April 2020     Retreat Cancelled


To book your place please pay a deposit of £250; this covers the costs of venue, food, and admin; you will then be asked to pay for Sophy and Fanny’s teaching on a sliding scale of £40-£100 per day or £200-£500 for 5 days.  Some bursary places available for those who cannot afford the minimum cost.