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with Colin & Fanny

First Year Ongoing Group

Next Group Starts : To Be Confirmed


Prior to all your seeking and all your attempts to perfect yourself and the world around you; prior to all your ideas about yourself and who you should or could be; prior to your history, your conditioning, your personality, your opinions, your body shape or your style; prior to your achievements and your failures and all the roles you have ever played.

Who Are You?

What remains when every experience has come and gone?

This group will support you to enquire into the source of who you are and to glimpse the possibility of an embodied awakening, not as some distant dream but as a simple, ordinary and mysterious unfolding. Not as an achievement but as a letting go; a humbling new beginning, and a willingness to explore life from a fresh vantage point.

It will also support you to meet some of the obstacles which stand in the way of your awakening; that which prevents you from naturally being who you are.