Welcome into This Body-Mind!

with Fanny & Joanna Watters

Next Retreat - none currently planned

 Encouraged by our culture, we are used to relating to our body as if it were an object, a separate thing to be managed by our mind – rather than as the exquisitely detailed, responsive, intelligent, unique, textured moving form of Life itself that it truly is, housing all our thoughts, emotions and sensations with such precision.

On this retreat, we will focus on giving our attention to our body: immersing ourselves and listening to how the body naturally wants to move in effortless and potent ways, starting with our breath.

-         We will explore how every gesture and movement we make can support us to be more fully present and therefore allow our potential to be lived.

-         We will find how embodying emotional states allows them to move through as they need to; and how spreading attention through the body allows what appeared to be overwhelming, to be simple and allowable, even life enhancing.

-         We will enquire into ways of moving and dancing which support our life force to be expressed, and which allow us to respect our limits as well as stepping into possibilities of feeling and expression we may not have previously allowed.

-         We will make more visible the ways we limit how much life we can allow - not only the amount of pain we can allow but also the amount of pleasure we can tolerate - and play with ways to increase our tolerance (and enjoyment of) all that is!

This retreat is open to relative newcomers as well as those with years of experience in this work.  It is however a prerequisite that you have some experience of this work with Joanna, Fanny or Colin.