Who Do You Think You Are?

with Colin & Fanny

An Exploration of Identity


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A deep enquiry into who you believe you are, and who or what you know yourself to be. We’ll explore aspects such as self-image, ego structures, superego and the sub-conscious, getting clearer about the ways we may be holding ourselves away from simply being as we are - awake, alive and curious. We’ll explore the possibility of knowing yourself as a continuous presence here in the midst of an ever-changing continuous experience... not defended, not late, not dissociated, not searching for something else. And the difference between that and the identification as a separate self which needs to be constantly defended and maintained, based on a persistent underlying presumption of not being enough.

This will be a group for those who are  already deeply involved in this work, with at least two years of ongoing group  experience.

Modules will be run by either Colin or Fanny.






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