A Community of Awakening

This is a new kind of ongoing group.. The intention is to meet a need which many people have expressed over the years for an ongoing group with more flexibility and diversity. This will be more of a carefully held community than a strictly closed group.  We will offer a number of events each year which are only open to this community, so there will be a slightly different set of people on each event, but they’d always be drawn from the same community, or pool, of fellow travellers.

 Here are the details:-

People sign up to join the pool, and commit to attending minimum two retreats per year. The commitment is year by year.

The pool could potentially have any number of people in it; we are aiming for 10 – 15 to start with. But it could work initially with less than 10, and could grow beyond 15 in time.

The pool will be open to people who have done at least two years of ongoing group with us, or who have equivalent experience in this work; ie it’s not for beginners.

Initially we will offer three retreats per year, of which people are committed to attend two. If the pool grows larger, we’d offer proportionally more events to the community.

People are free to apply to attend more than two events; priority will be given to others in the pool who haven’t yet had their fair quota, but we would be responsive – so if most people want to attend more than two such events in a year, we’ll consider offering more to meet the need.

All events will be at Droridge initially; we will provide  food etc (ie – it’s not a self-organising group)

All events will be four days long. We will try to provide some options that are in half term or school holidays, but this may vary year by year.

Events will be guided by either Fanny or Colin.

The year will run from September - September.


2018 - 2019 Group


Fully Residential at Droridge Barn


 24 - 28 October 2018 with Colin
 19 - 23 February 2019 with Fanny
 1 - 5 May 2019 with Colin

(Note - All group meetings begin with a meal at 7pm on the first day and end by 5pm on the final day.)


Fixed payment:
Either (1) pay the full fixed fee (£400) for two retreats in advance (ie when you sign up or by the end of September at the latest) or (2) pay a deposit of £40 in advance (when you sign up) and set up a monthly standing order (£30 per month for 12 months); this would add up to the full fixedl fee of £400.
If you do more than two events, the fixed fee for the extra event (£200) would be paid at the time in the usual way.

Suggested Donation:
£50 per day     (or on a sliding scale between £30 and £75 per day)