With Colin and Fanny

Next Group Starts:  none planned

Be as you are
Relax in and as this unfolding moment
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
You are already that which you are seeking
You are participating in this world, as it is

It is profoundly true and essential in this journey of Awakening, that there is a relaxation into the ground of being, to simply be in the here and now, as we are. And yet from here, how is it to actually meet the world, to touch and be touched, to create and respond to life in all its facets?

On this group we will explore how it is to meet and relate with...

...ourselves and our experience;  our quirks and foibles, our conditioning, our strengths and weaknesses, our neuroses and our gifts?  ... with every experience we have physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally? another;  relating with others, as all the quirks, foibles, conditioning, strengths, weaknesses, neuroses and gifts bump up against those same tendencies in others. How do we open the incredible potential of relating without getting stuck in the mud of our difficulties?  And how do we dare to start from scratch again and again to find out who is here in the midst of it all; dropping masks and defences to reveal a more alive, unpredictable and real dance?

...the world;  we all exist in a world which is changing so fast we can barely keep up.  A human world which appears to be hurtling towards its own extinction with a speed which is truly alarming (and taking millions of other species down with it); and yet simultaneously waking up, (as we often are forced to do when time starts to run out).   What is our relationship to all of this? How do we relate to a group field, which is bigger than you and me, both within this group of individuals, and on a world stage?  How do we feel our place in it all, and how we are moved to respond to what arises?

This group will be a ground from which to explore all of this; facing into questions which humanity has faced forever, but at a time when the perils and potentials are unlike anything we have witnessed before. 

Our plan is to run this as an on-going group spread over a year, with the possibility of continuing for longer if enough people want to do that.  Modules will be run by either Fanny, by Colin  or by both of us.