The Dance of Intimate Relationship

A Retreat for Couples

with Fanny & Colin

 If you are in an intimate relationship,  honestly ask yourself; is your relating deepening you, opening you?  Is it serving a growing realisation of truth in yourself?  Is it actually intimate?  Do you feel loved and accepted, free to be yourself as you are, free to have your own life? Do you feel able to love, to make love, to give love to your intimate partner?  In this retreat we will be looking at how we can begin to really serve ourselves and each other in our human vulnerability, our tenderness, our strength and in our awakening.

The actual format of the retreat itself will be a blend of group time, time with your intimate partner, sessions with Colin / Fanny for you as a couple, and time with other couples. Practically how this will work is that the mornings will be pretty much as usual on our retreats - ie there will be sitting and a full session before lunch in which we'll offer various enquiries and practices. The afternoons will be up to you - spend intimate time with your partner, arrange to have individual or couple sessions with our guidance, or share with other couples. And the evenings will involve more group time.

This Retreat is for couples who are in a committed relationship and who are both already working with us. It is the first of what we hope will become an annual event.


Fully Residential at Droridge Barn, Dartington, Devon


6pm Friday 5th - 5pm Wednesday 10th July 2019


Fixed payment £395 per couple

Suggested Donation (PLEASE NOTE that this is different from how we usually do donations - there will be one amount which will cover the retreat itself, plus an extra amount for any sessions you have with us.)

£250 per person (or something between £150 and £350 per person). This covers whole group sessions each morning. In addition, individual or couple sessions may be arranged with Fanny and/or Colin during the afternoon. We will ask for donations for these sessions at our usual hourly rates (£45/hour or something between £30 and £60 per hour).