Nowhere To Go

with Colin

Next Retreat : 10 - 17 Feb 2018
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This is a journey over seven days – taking the time to enquire deeply into the source of who we are. In all of this Movement of Being work we are standing on a ground of spiritual realisation. What I mean by this is the realisation that we exist prior to any experience, prior to any thought or feeling. To truly recognise this changes everything. It’s such a liberation and support – already here; already enough; already connected.

From this ground, all experience is obviously just that – experience! Ever-changing; continuous; never-ending experience. And we are here for it. Each moment in this continuous streaming is available to be lived and loved.

From this realisation anything can happen; but nothing needs to happen. The search can finally come to an end.

From this profound understanding a real confidence in being can spring. It’s the difference between viewing myself as a ‘damaged’ person, and knowing myself as a conscious presence relating with a sense (from the past) of having been damaged. It’s so important to take time for this enquiry – to come again and again to meet nothing, no - thing; to turn away from the busy-ness and the endless distractions; to bow your head and face directly into the mystery of who and what you are.


Fully Residential at Bala Brook, near South Brent in Devon


10th - 17th February 2018,  (starts 3pm on first day; finishes 1pm on final day)


Fixed Payment : from £330 - £400 depending on room

Suggested Donation £450 (or something between a minimum £225 and a generous £ 675)