Personal Retreats

With Colin and / or Fanny

We've decided to offer something new as part of our programme - a personal retreat with the option of guidance from Fanny, Colin or both. This setting can be personally attuned to you; it is one in which we can take the time to guide you to meet and enquire into whatever is unfolding in your life and your Awakening. The time on retreat can be individually created in discussion with us - how long you want to be here, what theme you’d like to explore, and how much input / holding you’d like from us.

There are many possibilities. It could be that you want to have a very personal retreat within the holding of Droridge – resting, sitting, writing, walking – whatever you need; you may want a series of 1-1 sessions with free time in between to digest; it could be a chance for a couple to come and explore their relationship with our guidance; or you may wish to share small group (ie 2, 3 or 4 people) enquiry spaces.

We envision between one and four people on retreat at a time, each of whom would be here for at least two days. Some retreat periods are open to all; others will only be for people who have been working with us for many years.


Residential here at Droridge Barn, Dartington.


3 - 7   Oct: open to all
18 - 21 Oct: More experienced people only
13 - 16 Dec: open to all

17 - 20 Jan: More experienced people only


  • £50 per person per night for food (self-catering), accommodation and use of the Barn and garden.
  • Single sessions by negotiation at our usual hourly rates. (£45/hour -or something between £30 and £60 per hour)
  • Group sessions may also be arranged – times/duration by negotiation; donations at our usual hourly rates.