Presence In Motion

Loving the Body – Living in the Body

 with Colin


Next Workshop : 1 - 3 Feb 2019

How would it be

...if you stopped treating your own body as an object?

...if you became more interested in the feeling of muscle and skin, the endless play of sensation, than in critical judgements about how you look or what you feel? love your body simply because it is your body, the shape and form that supports your life?

 On this workshop, working with movement and enquiry, we’ll explore being in your body intimately - from the inside out:-

bringing attention to what we feel directly in the body, opening awareness of subtle changes in sensation and feeling and receiving information about ourselves and the world around us

exploring emotion as physical sensation; this can be so much more trustable than the highly charged beliefs, thoughts and associations that we often have about our emotions – which radically changes how we relate to our emotional states

engaging our emotions and energetic states in movement supports us to literally conduct these feelings through the body;  it can enable us to release holding or tension in the muscles and the cells, places where our wounds and defences have become stuck

engaging this moment physically, listening to what the body tells us, loving the way our body moves as a celebration of being here in this shape and form


Ashprington Village Hall, nr Totnes, Devon


7pm Friday 1st - 5pm Sunday 3rd February 2019


Fixed Payment : £45
Suggested Donation : £100 - (sliding scale between £50 and £150)