Presence in Relationship

with Fanny

A new non-residential weekend with Fanny working with the essentials of embodied presence in relationship. What does it mean to truly be here now in relationship to self, other and the world? We will explore this rich territory together at Droridge Barn.  Always finding how we can begin again from scratch, meeting ourselves and each other anew in each moment.  This is so simple and yet a radically different approach to relationship!

Although it is a non residential retreat there is the possibility for people to B £ B in the venue.

Open to newcomers to the work as well as those with more experience.


Droridge Barn, Dartington, nr Totnes, Devon


7 - 10pm Friday 7th September 2018
10am - 6pm Saturday 8th September 2018
10am - 5pm Sunday 9th September 2018


Fixed Payment : £45
Suggested Donation : £100 - (sliding scale between £50 and £150)
Optional B&B : £40 per night