Food on Residential Groups

Our Approach To Food – basically to keep things simple; vegetarian, mostly organic, with a mindful awareness of what we eat, how we eat and how much we eat.

What you can expect on all our residential groups and retreats:-

  • Plenty of mostly organic fresh fruit and veg
  • A selection of breads , pastas, rice cakes etc which will include gluten free options
  • A selection of beverages (coffee/tea/herb-tea) which will include caffeine-free options
  • Dairy – Cows milk/cheese/butter/yogurt ; Goat or Sheep cheese / yogurt
  • Non-Dairy -  soya milk / tofu ; rice & oat milk
  • A selection of spreads including honey / tahini / peanut butter / jam / marmite / houmous
  • A selection of grains & pulses including brown and white rice / quinoa / buckwheat / lentils / tinned beans
  • Porridge / muesli
  • A selection of dried fruit and nuts
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Olive oil / rape seed oil / vinegars / tamari / miso / selection of herbs and spices


Your Preferences and Needs–

If you want or need foods that aren’t on this list, please bring your own or discuss it with us.


Food Awareness on Retreat

  • Our Approach To Food – much of the activity of our minds and our psychological patterns is basically (and often unconsciously) intended to mask the underlying pain of separation. And at the centre of any sense of separateness is a hole, an emptiness, a lack.  The difficulty is that most of us then try to fill the hole, and food is one of the first ports of call. We often hear people saying that they don’t eat so much at home, or wondering why they’ve over-eaten on retreat. And this then has a knock on effect as people then show up in the next session feeling physically full and uncomfortable, which makes the group process harder for everyone. So we encourage you to eat more consciously and explore what may be driving you if you tend to overeat.
  • Let’s Keep Things Simple – a basic vegetarian diet provides adequate nourishment for the few days of a retreat. Unless you have a medical condition that requires you to eat a special diet, we ask that you please go along with us on this. In particular we ask that you avoid cooking meat and fish.