David DeV

 One to one, on line, non-dual embodiment, relationship, developmental work.

About David

Twenty years’ experience of various modalities which has synthesised into a somatic orientation to awakening, developmental work and relationships.  The nearest credentialed systems worked with are Bodynamics (somatic developmental psychology) and Realisation Practice, a structured, practice based approach to embodying non-dual consciousness, addressing past patterning and relationship issues.

I work mainly online and offer a cost free ”chemistry” session if you’d like to meet to consider doing sessions. 

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Bio - After working for the first part of my adult life in engineering and law, I took the plunge and committed myself to follow a calling to explore what a deeper life was about.

Over the next 20 years I participated full time in worlds of therapy and spirituality.  I’ve seen both fields evolve and have come to appreciate that they are in a creative play of a deep, benign, and sometimes harsh Mystery which can be liberating and fulfilling.  

I enjoy finding deep synthesis and subtle difference between approaches, taking the value of what has gone before and being moved to seek what can be done better.  I love learning and passing on what is teachable in a collegial atmosphere. 

From the ground of “I Am” I’m alive to the beginnings of an emergent evolution of “We”.