Julian Russell

Free online taster sessions most Wednesdays and deep year-long psychological and spiritual personal evolution trainings

I came from a messed-up family and my work is an expression of my own life’s journey. I have been involved in my own development since the age of 15 (1970) and have practiced Taoism, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, mystical Christianity, and Embodied Awareness. Embodied Awareness uses experiential learning to explore the essential nature of presence to reveal what is pointed to by the world’s great nondual mystical traditions. It has a bare minimum of theory and seeks to avoid religious narratives, icons, and language.  It is taught in experiential workshops and retreats and through individual coaching. I am immensely grateful for the transmissions and guidance from my teachers Colin and Fanny.

I have spent many years in my own personal therapy and became a UKCP registered psychotherapist and an executive coach supporting senior leaders in Europe, America, and Asia.
My Life-Calling is helping people blossom, starting with myself.
I take an integrative approach, supported by a range of psychological and spiritual practices. Life is a journey of fulfilling your potential (or letting life fulfill its potential in you), and life is also like a song, heard in the eternal moment “in the stillness between two waves of the sea”. Increasingly for me, the potential of life is gloriously revealed in this present moment.