Kirsty Hurd-Thomas


1:1 Shiatsu, deep listening bodywork/self-enquiry

This is an invitation to fully meet your body as it is, I offer a safe and supportive space to explore whatever your body is calling to be explored, whether that is physical pain or difficulty, or an emotional pattern which feels stuck. Coming from over 20 years of experience in Movement of being, and similar work I can bring much heart and presence to the bodywork and if you are interested we can work with enquiry to help slow down any responses which can easily get missed or "jumped over" in bodywork leading to responses such as overwhelm.

Qigong, enquiry and bodywork classes for women.

In these classes, I offer enquiry to help you deepen your relationship with your body and needs and help support you on a path towards more sustainable good health and wellbeing. As a woman practicing Qigong I often had questions around specific energetic qualities that we hold as women and why they weren't being addressed, so the qigong I bring is particularly aimed at supporting women's health. We do this in a closed group in the company of other women which offers the safety to explore particularly around the specifics of what we need as women.

Shiatsu For Change a Community Interest Company I set up has been able to secure funding for both 1:1 sessions and Qigong classes for women who wouldn't normally be able to access this kind of work.

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