We receive money for our work in two different ways. Firstly we charge a fixed payment to cover costs. Then we ask for a donation in exchange for our teaching and guidance.


Fixed Payments & Deposits

This covers the actual costs of the event – venue hire / admin / website / travel / food, etc. Partly, it’s averaged out over a year; partly it depends on the venue we are using, but it usually works out at £50 - £65 per person per day for residential groups and £15 - £25 per person per day for non-residential groups outside London (... more if it's in London).

For residential retreats we ask for a deposit at the time of booking to secure your place - the full fee is payable at the time we decide to definitely go ahead with the retreat. (Usually 6 weeks in advance; during Covid time 2 weeks in advance).

For online retreats we ask for full payment at the time of booking.

All fixed payments and deposits are paid via our automated online booking system.


In addition to the fixed payment, at the end of each event we ask for a donation to Fanny and I as an exchange for what we’ve offered. For each event there is a suggested donation, as well as a clear minimum amount and a suggestion for a higher offering that would effectively support others to do our work. The amounts for open workshops will be less than for residentials; and we ask for slightly more if both of us are teaching.

Doing it this way is a risk on our part, an act of trust, and it comes from the heart! It’s a way that we can uphold the value of what we offer, while also making it available to people whose life circumstances mean that they don’t have much money; it challenges presumptions about financial wealth, particularly the notion that high-quality work should always be very expensive.                

   - If you are moved to offer a donation which is higher than the suggested maximum, we will gratefully put this into our Bursary Fund.
   - We are open to receive a donation which is less than the suggested minimum. Please talk to us about it.

Donations on residential retreats may be cash, card or cheque - we prefer not to receive donations by bank transfer.

For online retreats we send people a link which they can follow to give their donation.

Bursaries, Concessions, and Last-Minute Reductions

   - We usually offer at least one half-price bursary place on our retreats (covers 50% of the Fixed Payment)
   - If places are available at the last moment (ie two weeks before the retreat), we are open to offers.
   - It is possible to arrange a Payment Plan to spread out your Fixed Payment and Donation.


Cancellations for all groups and mistakes with Online Payments

For all our groups, retreats and workshops, once paid, the deposit or fixed amount is non-refundable except on compassionate grounds or if the cancellation is Covid related (in which case we will refund it or transfer it to another group, less a £10 admin charge).  However, if we get another full paying participant to take your place, we will refund you minus a £10 admin fee.

If you make a mistake with an online payment and we then need to refund you, we get charged for this and it takes us time - so we will need to reclaim our usual £10 admin fee.


Cancellations for one to one sessions

Forgotten appointments, and cancellations less than 24 hours before will be charged our usual rate.