Bowing Down to What is True

[Submitting to Reality]

A 4 Day Residential Retreat with Fanny 

 for the 'Being Revealed' Community

Date: 5th - 9th May 2021

How do we open to the truth of what is happening ng
Inside of our own body, hearts and minds - and in the world;
When it is not what we want,
Or not what we believe should be happening?
How do we end the perpetual Argument with God,
And surrender our need to know what is right,
And bow down to reality?
This is (relatively) easy when life is good,
and the future looks rosy
and our loved ones are happy and well.
But how can we support ourselves to open
To what is greater than our minds can fathom,
To lay down our heads, and open our hearts
And find our way home,
When life is difficult, scary and painful?

I have no easy answers here, but this retreat is an opportunity to hold the questions with love, openness and curiosity; to enquire into the mystery, and find what doors are ready to open as we gradually awaken to our true nature and meet the world as it is, both inside and out, at this extraordinary moment in history.         


Residential Retreat


Fully Residential Retreat usually at Droridge Barn with Colin or Fanny


5th - 9th May 2021
   starts 6 pm on the first day; finishes at 5 pm on the final day


Fixed Payment: £200
Suggested Donation: £200    (or something between £120 and £280)

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