A Community of Awakening

Now moving into its third year, this ongoing group will offer a number of events each year which are only open to this community, so there will be a slightly different set of people on each event, but they will always be drawn from the same community, or pool, of fellow travellers.

Full practical details of how the group works can be found below.

Dates for 2021 / 2022

to be confirmed very soon (by10 May2021 at the latest)

2019 - 2020 Group Theme

 The Waters We’re Swimming In

(Relating with arising conditions)

....the selfsame well from which your laughter rises
was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

Kahlil Gibran - The Prophet

This group is about radical acceptance - in yourself, in relationship and in the world. There are three modules on offer. To be part of this group you will need to do two of them:-

Oct 23 - 27  2019: Arising conditions - mind, body, emotions (with Colin)

This too will pass. We know it - and yet we forget so easily when we’re in the grip of an internal state that we don’t want, or are ashamed of, or judge ourselves for having. It’s not necessary (or even possible) to become immune, either to the pain of the world, or to the suffering of these internal states. But what is necessary (and possible) is to stop, or at least reduce, the drama, the endless ritual of doubt, self-recrimination, betrayal, blame and resentment which actually bind us to our states, and prevent them from simply passing through. In this module of the ongoing group, we’ll explore how possible it is to simply let internal states happen; to be touched by them; to get more interested in our heart’s response than our mind’s reaction; to conduct the energy through the body; to increasingly say ‘Yes’ to everything we experience rather than rejecting much of it (and in doing so, rejecting ourselves).

Feb 5 - 9  2020: Relating with events in the Wider World (with Fanny)

We are living in planetary conditions for which there has been no precedent in human history, both technologically, environmentally and politically.  We have no idea what we are facing in terms of climate chaos, the untested effects of escalating radiation from EMFs, pollution, the loss of biodiversity, etc etc etc… This is said over and over, but what isn’t offered is how to relate to such uncertainty: how often are we able to meet our fears and concerns, our hopes and dreams and really allow our feelings to be felt so they can move through us?  How able are we to then allow a deeper, more sustaining presence which has the resources to guide us through whatever comes our way and find our place in the unfolding of history?  What we push under the carpet and refuse to address, haunts us.  And equally what we obsess over from a fear-based mind set drives us crazy. Many people deal with it by pretending this isn’t really happening and numbing out to the enormity of it.  On a ground of awakening, none of these are viable options!  This module will provide an opportunity to face into and explore some of this and feel the power of community and of love itself to support us to meet the conditions of the world we are living in with heart, body and mind cooperating.

May 6 – 10  2020:  Arising conditions in Relationship (with Colin)

It’s sometimes said that 95% of the difficulty in relationship occurs because we can’t (or won’t) relate with our own feelings and emotions when the other person doesn’t behave how we’d like them to. So we get reactive. And then they get reactive - and before you know it, there’s either a fight happening or we’re punishing each other by withdrawing love and affection. What’s needed is more differentiation – more capacity to own your end of things rather than engage this cycle of reactivity. And to make that possible, we need the capacity to simply have our feelings and emotions - to accept them; to conduct them; to give up the blame and resentment; to outgrow the desire to act-out; and, crucially, to let go of any tendency to feel over-responsible for the other’s emotional state (it’s not your job to take care of the other one’s wounded child - that’s their job!). This module of the ongoing group will explore this whole area, both so that we can realise what happens in us when things get difficult in relationship, and so that we can find ways to relate with any difficulties through the body. Through this radical acceptance we also massively open the potential in relationship.

2019 - 2020 Group


Fully Residential at Droridge Barn


23 - 27 October 2019 with Colin
5 - 9 February 2020 with Fanny
6 - 10 May 2020 with Colin

(Note - All group meetings begin with a meal at 7pm on the first day and end by 5pm on the final day.)


Fixed payment:
Either (1) pay the full fixed fee (£420) for two retreats in advance (ie when you sign up or by the end of September at the latest) or (2) pay a deposit of £60 in advance (when you sign up) and set up a monthly standing order (£30 per month for 12 months); this would add up to the full fixedl fee of £420.

If you do more than two events, we offer a discount on the fixed fee for the extra event - £120 instead of £210. This would be paid at the time in the usual way.

Suggested Donation:
£50 per day     (or on a sliding scale between £30 and £75 per day)

Practical Details

 - Each annual cycle of the group will be based around a particular theme.
 - People sign up to join the pool, and commit to attending minimum two retreats per year. The commitment is year by year.
 - The pool will be open to people who have done at least two years of ongoing group with us, or who have equivalent experience in this work; ie it’s not for beginners.
 - Initially we will offer three 4-day retreats per year, of which people are committed to attend two. If the pool grows larger, we’d offer proportionally more events to the community.
 - We encourage people to attend the extra module if they can, so we’ll be offering the third one at a significant discount – instead of £200 fixed fee, it will be £120. ; priority will be given to others in the pool who haven’t yet had their fair quota.
 - We will be responsive – so if most people want to attend more than two such events in a year, we’ll consider offering more to meet the need.
 - We will provide food and accommodation - it’s not a self-organising group. Initially all events will be at Droridge.
 - Events will be guided by either Fanny or Colin.
 - The year will run from September - September.
 - We will do everything we can to avoid clashes with other important retreats.


More of a carefully held community than a strictly closed group, we created this group in response to needs (or interests) which many people have expressed over the years.

We also recognise that while there are those for whom this new community group is ideal, there are others who would prefer a more committed, long-term ongoing group, and at this time, there is no ready-made group for them to join. This community will provide a place in which these people can find one another, work deeply together, and gradually form connections which, in time, may lead to the formation of another open-ended self-organising group. (If such a group does form in the future, we nonetheless intend to keep this Community of Awakening going.)