The Continuing Journey of Awakening


Already Here

with  Fanny and Colin


Next Group Starts : 22nd September 2021
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There really is nowhere else to get to!

The recognition of this, and the living of this, enables Presence to live through us as love in each and every moment regardless of what experience we’re having, or what situation we find ourselves in.

It’s so easy to miss the point, so easy to keep thinking that something needs healing or dealing with on the inside, before we can be free. In this we keep perpetuating the myth that there is somewhere else to get to, and an endless striving to perfect ourselves!

And yet when we really land, really let ourselves be here, now, prior to thought and belief, there is a capacity to take responsibility for ourselves and our behaviour which changes everything. And this can happen in any moment. And every moment.

Already Here is a chance to really look this in the face and keep coming back to the mystery and the ordinary, alive magic which is what presence opens. RIGHT NOW.

It is for those who are already deeply engaged in this Awakening work. We’ll come back again and again to the fundamentals, to keep re-orientating in this Awakening Landscape... what is actually going on here? What is your disposition towards enquiry itself and the practice you’re engaged in? How willing and able are you to feel your direct experience in each and every moment? How possible is it for you to allow yourself not to know, in any moment? Because anything other than a deep interest in this will take you somewhere else - into all sorts of processes of learning and perhaps even healing, but it won't take you closer to where you are; into what is. Which is the only place that the revelation of truth, or reality, or Awakening can happen.

We envisage this as a group that runs year after year, always addressing the core of this work - ie the ground of Awakening itself. We imagine that people will join this group for anything between one and three years - so it will have a slowly changing membership as years go by. And we imagine many variations - eg you could do a year, then leave to explore something else, then come back for a couple of years; etc.

Each year Fanny will run 3 modules of the group, and Colin will run one.

2021 - 2022 Group

Please Note that we are planning to offer these groups as residential events  (COVID-19 and government regulations permitting); if for some or all the modules this proves to not be possible, we will run them online.


Fully Residential at Droridge Barn, near Totnes (online if necessary)

DATES for residential meetings

22 - 26 September 2021   with Colin
24 - 28 November 2021    with Colin
9 - 13 February 2022     with Fanny
20 - 24 April 2022       with Colin

Note - All group meetings begin with a meal at 7pm on the first day and end by 5pm on the final day.

Included in the price will be 5 online evening meetings (2 hours) to touch in, in between the groups and after the last one - times to be arranged once the group is fully booked


Fixed payment:
£900 for 16 days fully residential + 5 online evening meetings  (if any residentials need to be replaced with online meetings due to COVID 19 we will issue refunds accordingly)

Suggested Donation:
£50 per day     (or on a sliding scale between £30 and £75 per day)

Please apply to Sarah before the end of June 2021.