Being Revealed Online Year Group

This is a new year-long ongoing group which we’re inspired to offer in response to requests and interest from a number of people who find it difficult to participate in residentials at this time (for health reasons, the Covid situation, living abroad, etc….)

The group will be for 8-10 people and will meet four times between Oct 21 and July 22 – each meeting over 4 days (similar to the online retreats we have run during the lockdown).



21 - 24 October 2021     with Fanny
12 - 16 January 2022     with Fanny
6 - 10 April 2022            with Colin
8 - 12 July 2022            with Fanny


Fixed Payment:           £200 for the year.
Suggested Donation : £120  (or between £80 and £160) for each retreat

Please apply to Sarah