Online Retreats 

 Between autumn 2020 and summer 2021 we will offer a range of online retreats to people who have already done some work with us. They are for groups of up to 10 people and usually involve 4 - 5 hours of screen time each day,  During these retreats, we explore an aspect of life in considerable depth, from the perspective of Embodied Consciousness. Working over several days like this enables us to enquire deeply as we explore the particular theme of each retreat

You’re welcome to join any combination of these events – if you feel ready to dive more deeply, you may book a series; and it’s also fine to do just one.
For those who want a more regular chance to work together, we also offer the possibility to join an online  ‘mini-ongoing-group’, in which the same people will meet regularly over several weeks:- Online Groups

We realise that these offerings may not meet everyone’s wishes – but they are our best shot right now at flexing with the very difficult circumstances we find ourselves in. It’s our hope that this will provide opportunities for everyone who is interested in this work to keep working with us, whilst allowing more flexibility at a time when nothing is certain.


These are for small groups of min 8 / max 12 people. They are open to anyone who has worked with us already.

If there is a direct booking link in the list below, please follow that to book the retreat.
If not, please apply by sending an email Contact Us Here


15 - 19 September  :  This Is It  :   4-day Retreat with Fanny 

For any enquiries, or if you are unsure whether these events are open to you,
please Contact Us Here