What is Humility?

A 4-day Online Retreat with Fanny


                              What is it to listen to life as it calls us in a thousand different ways? 

What is it to take responsibility for our responses and become accountable?

How is it to let go of blaming and shaming ourselves, each other and ‘the world’? 

To see deeper than Right and Wrong;

And to realise we are not victims, but willing participants in this unfolding? 

When we step up, shake down, and bring it all home, something quite remarkable starts to happen, and our arrogance, pride and shame can begin to melt into a true humility which is naturally open, responsive and connected.

DATE:     12th - 16th May

7 - 9 pm on the evening of Day 1 (Weds)
10 - 12.30  and  3 - 5.30     on day 2, 3 and 4 (Thur - Sat)
10 - 12.30  on the morning of the final day (Sun)


Fixed Payment: £50
Suggested Donation: £120  (or something between £80 and £160)