Groups, Retreats and Workshops


Because the current pandemic has made it so difficult to do the kind of body-based work that we offer in person, we have had to make big changes to our usual programme of workshops and ongoing groups.

We are however still offering a series of residential retreats, as follows-

   *  Here's what's on offer to people with many years experience of our work:-  Being Revealed Retreats

   *  For people with some experience of our work, who are ready to go further:- Exploring Being Retreats


If you've tried this work a little and would like to explore some more:- Next Steps

If you're a complete newcomer to our work:- New to the Work


We're also offering many things online:- MOB Online


This is all very different from the way our work looked before the current situation. If you want to take a look at how things were before :- Our Previous Programme