Presence in Sexuality

A retreat for couples

We love to make love when we are attuned to each other,

when our animal bodies are free to express themselves and our desire is given a free rein

when our hearts are connected and we can listen,
feel for the right gesture, respond…

when we can be raunchy one moment, then tender and vulnerable the next,

when we know what we want and yet are willing to surrender our wanting to meet what the field between us is asking for;

when we can be unknown…

when we can truly dance together and discover that which is way more than the sum of our parts...

…and yet all of this can be elusive/unavailable/walled off by the dominance of protective parts of our psychology which are running the show.

Our entitlement or lack of worth, our insistence in getting what we want, or our belief that we will never get it; our fury with our father or mother, our fears of what happens if we unleash our raw energy or our vulnerability. Our resistance to (or hatred of …) our own or the others’ sexual and emotional needs; our shame, hurt, embarrassment; our addiction to pornography or food or alcohol and drugs; our impotence in the face of our own and the others’ patterns; our fear of our own hunger and desire.
In the midst of this maelstrom our sexual expression can get muted, driven or cut off; we can become distant from each other or act out, and there is no safe ground to really explore what we want, what we love and who we are with one another; the freshness of our bodily meetings appears to be lost.
                  ...All is not lost!!!
We can find our way back - with the courage and honesty to see what is really happening and meet ourselves and each other in this dance; with a willingness to bring love and gentleness to ourselves and each other when we shut down; with an interest to bring tenderness to the places where we are usually harsh; with the confidence to start afresh, not know how, but show up NOW, again and again.

Witnessed and supported by other couples as they do the same work, and with the guidance of both Colin & Fanny, it may be possible for these difficulties to be met and the sweet, potent, loving potential of intimate and uninhibited sexuality be opened.

This retreat is open to those who have already done couples work with us.


Fully Residential at Droridge Barn, Dartington, Devon


6pm Wednesday 24th - 5pm Monday 29th August 2022 (Five Days)


Fixed payment £450 - £500 per couple (depending on room)

Suggested Donation  £250 per person (or something between £150 and £350 per person).

To book and for any enquiries please Contact Us Here