Presence In Motion

The Living Heart Of Embodiment

 a Residential Retreat with Colin


This body of consciousness

This flesh and blood

It’s through this feeling, breathing, sensing, organism
   that we are able to participate in this world.

This body is alive now
   Here, to experience

This body is alive here
   To live this moment

This body is already connected
      A part of this world

How would it be to stop treating your own body as an object? To become more interested in the actual experience of feeling muscle and skin, the endless play of sensation, the ever-changing dance of energy, than in critical judgements about how you look or what you feel?

On this retreat, we’ll explore the intimacy of being in your body, bringing attention to direct experience, opening our awareness of subtle changes in sensation and feeling. We’ll explore emotion as simple physical sensation - so much more trustable than the highly charged beliefs, thoughts and associations that we often add to our emotions. We’ll engage the possibility of giving movement and shape to our emotions and energetic states, supporting us to literally conduct these feelings through the body.

It’s an opportunity to spend four days in good company, exploring the heart of our embodiment, listening to what the body tells us, loving the way our body moves - a celebration of being alive in this shape and form.


Fully residential in Dartington, Devon


6pm Wednesday 19th  - 5pm Sunday 23rd January 2022


Fixed Payment: £220
Suggested Donation: £200 (or anything on a sliding scale between £120 and £280)


Please Note that this Retreat is now Fully Booked