For Those Taking their Next Steps in Our Work

These groups, sessions, and online retreats are available to people who are not completely new to our work; perhaps you've already done some online work; maybe you did an Introductory Workshop a while back; or you might have worked with one of our peers; it could also be that you have done quite a bit with us, but haven't participated for a while.


If you want to do more with us, we suggest joining one of our online events, before moving on to our deeper explorations. We want to establish more of a relationship with you, allow time for trust to grow, and give you time to find out if you're in the right room. Below are some events which are open to you.

If you are drawn to do more, but for whatever reason are not keen to work online, please contact our organiser, Caroline. We are responsive to people's interest and this will inform us in sometimes inviting relative newcomers to join our residential events.

Online Retreat

16 - 20 March 2022   :   Staying True in a Crazy World   :    4 day retreat with Colin


Residential Retreat

19 - 23 January      :    Presence in Motion   :    4-day retreat with Colin


Free Sessions

We invite you also to join one of our online Free Sessions.


For any enquiries, or if you are unsure whether these events are open to you,
please Contact Us Here