Movement of Being

 For Complete Newcomers to This Work

The usual way into this work has been to attend one or more of the various open introductory groups or workshops with us, wither online or in person. At this stage (as of Summer 2021) we have regretfully decided not to offer any more of these, effectively closing the door to new people. We offer our apologies to any of you who were hoping to explore Movement of Being work with us, but the simple fact is that we work with very small groups, which means we are only able to serve a limited number of people - and at this time we are completely full.

If you'd like to go on our mailing list, please contact our administrator HERE. As and when this situation changes we will contact you.

In the meanwhile there are some options you can explore:-

  • Our colleague, Gerard Couper, is offering occasional free online small group sessions which can give you a small taste of this work.  He invites you to join one : Free Sessions.
  • We have created a page on our website listing people whose own work is influenced or inspired
    by Movement of Being or This Movement. You can explore what they offer  HERE

For any questions or enquiries, please contact our administrator:    CONTACT US