Already Enough

A Residential Retreat with Fanny

RETREAT CANCELLED - Online Version Here

What is the sound between the waves? 
The silence between the notes? 
The stillness between breaths?

Who am I?

 What remains after every feeling, every thought, every experience comes and goes? 
Can I utterly relax into being who I am, as I am, right now? 
Can I know beyond question not just that I have a right to exist, but that I DO exist? 
And this is completely enough?

 If not, what’s happening? What gets in the way of me living without impediment, allowing life to live through me, as me?


This small jewel of a retreat opens a possibility, even a glimpse, of what is precious beyond words, concepts or understanding. It is a shorter, less intense version of Nowhere to Go, and is open to anyone who has done at least one workshop with Fanny or Colin.


Fully Residential Retreat at Droridge Barn with Fanny


From 6 pm Wednesday 20th - 5 pm Sunday 24th January 2021


Fixed Payment: £200
Suggested Donation: £200    (or something between £120 and £280)